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Demonstrating the potential of telehealth

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Telehealth solutions

Real, measurable benefits for patients with chronic long-term conditions

Telehealth solutions can provide real, measurable benefits for patients with chronic long-term conditions as well as for healthcare organisations. These benefits include reduced hospitalisation and readmission rates, better patient compliance and cost-effective extended care for a wide range of patients.

BFG Healthcare Marketing worked with Intel Health on the launch strategy of the Intel Health Guide, a comprehensive next-generation telehealth remote patient monitoring solution. The Guide combines an in-home patient device, the PHS6000, with the Intel Health Care management suite, an online interface that allows clinicians to monitor patients remotely.

The Intel Health Guide is currently being launched, with the first 400 systems installed in Scotland to help chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients and their care givers.

Project Details

  • Client

    Intel Health

  • Projects commissioned

    • Marketing strategy
    • Name Generation
    • Packaging design
    • Regulatory compliance
    • Website design
    • Exhibition design